Breakthrough Solution: UroActive™ Therapy*

UroMems aims at revolutionizing the treatment of severe stress urinary incontinence with smart active implants, using the latest technological advances in the field of embedded systems and micro-technologies for the development of its groundbreaking solutions.

UroActive™ is the first smart active implant that treats SUI to be powered by a MyoElectroMechanical System (MEMS). This innovative system is placed around the urethral duct and is designed to be automatically controlled based on the patient’s activity, without the need for manual adjustments. This functionality is expected to provide patients with greater ease of use, and hopefully, a better quality of life than current options.

The expected benefit of the UroActive™ device is twofold. First, the urethral pressure can be increased when the patient is engaged in a physically demanding activity, which is expected to improve continence during activity. Second, when the patient’s activities do not require increased pressure, the compression on the urethral tissue can be released, therefore potentially reducing erosion or other tissue damage.

The technology

Simplicity, Efficiency, Reliability

Thanks to its unique patented technology, UroActive™ is designed to provide a simple and efficient solution to patients who suffer from stress urinary incontinence. The device aims to reduce the rate of urinary leaks and the rate of re-interventions due to atrophy or damage to the tissues, which are recurring complications with other devices currently in use.

In order to accurately control the urethral pressure, UroMems’ myoelectromechanical system is based on a reliable technology that has been approved in other medical applications. It will also contain mechanisms to ensure the patient’s safety. Each patient‘s activity will be measured in real-time through state-of-the-art micro-sensors inside the implant. Advanced algorithms embedded in the electronics of the device are designed to interpret data from the micro-sensors and transmit to the myoelectromechanical system for the application of the appropriate urethral pressure. Being completely automated, this technology is expected to be very easy to use for patients.

Control of the implant for urination is designed to be easy and ergonomic for patients, including an intuitive patient interface and automatic pressure adjustment. This breakthrough technology is expected to eliminate the need for patients to manually adjust the implanted device, which is a common issue with current options on the market.

UroMems has developed innovative functions for a quick and simple, minimally invasive surgical procedure, and secure and intuitive use of the device for both patients and healthcare professionals.