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Severe urinary incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence is defined as involuntary urinary leakage. It occurs when the pressure in the bladder exceeds that of the muscle (the sphincter) around the urethra.

This subject remains a taboo, but also a public health related issue, due to its frequency and the resulting socio-economic cost. This problem affects hundreds of thousands of patients in industrialized countries, and its impact is on the rise, especially with the increasing age of the general population.

Although women are mainly concerned, urinary incontinence also affects men. The main risk factors are age, pregnancy and history of prostate surgery.

Urologists have different treatment options for patients suffering from severe stress urinary incontinence. Unfortunately, in most cases, these are only partially effective and the rate of surgical re-interventions due to complications induced by these treatments remains high.

UroMems' solution

UroMems’s ambition is to revolutionize the treatment for severe urinary incontinence using the latest technological advances in the field of embedded systems and micro-technologies for the development of its implantable products.

UroMems’s product is an active implantable medical device which compensates for sphincter insufficiency with the help of a MyoElectroMechanical System. This innovative system is placed around the urethral duct and is automatically controlled based on the patient’s activity.

The benefit of this method is twofold. The urethral pressure is increased when the patient is engaged in a physically-demanding activity, to make sure the device is efficient, and decreased when the patient’s activities do not require high compression on the tissues.

The technology

Simplicity, Efficiency, Reliability

Thanks to its unique patented technology, UroMems’s ambition is to offer a simple and efficient solution to patients who suffer from severe urinary incontinence. The device aims at reducing the rate of urinary leaks and the rate of re-interventions due to the atrophy or damage to the tissues, which are recurring complications with the devices currently in use.

In order to control the urethral pressure very accurately, UroMems’s MyoElectroMechanical System is based on a reliable technology that has been approved in other medical applications. It also contains different mechanisms ensuring the patient’s safety. Patient‘s activity is measured in real-time through latest generation micro-sensors inside the implant. Advanced algorithms embedded in the electronics of the device interpret data coming from the micro-sensors and transmit to the MyoElectroMechanical System for the application of the appropriate urethral pressure. Being completely autonomous, this technology is very easy to use for the patient.

Control of the implant for micturition is done easily and ergonomically from a very intuitive patient interface and without any direct action from the patient on the implanted device.

Besides, UroMems has developed innovative functions for a quick and simple surgical procedure, and secure and intuitive use of the device in all circumstances, both for the patient and for the healthcare professionals.